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Regular visits to your eye doctor are essential in preserving your vision and good eye health. Today, many eye care centers are offering Optos high-resolution retinal exams. This test generates digital images of the eye or Optomaps. These pictures will help your eye specialist see problems more easily.

Optomaps Allow Doctors to See Your Retina Better

Through Optos high-resolution retinal exams, your eye doctor can see the entirety of your retinal at once. On the other hand, in traditional methods, only small sections of the retina can be seen. Your eye specialist will be able to see any difference in blood flow or tumors. It will also allow them to see signs of eye conditions like glaucoma, retinal tears and retinal detachment. This detailed retinal imaging method can detect early signs of heart disease hypertension and diabetes.

It Helps Document and Manage the Progression of Eye Diseases

You and your eye doctor can immediately see the images produced by Optos high-resolution retinal exams. The eye doctor can save the images and later compare them with new images to document and manage the progression of eye disease. 

Patients Won’t Have to Worry About Impaired Vision Due to Dilation

Traditional eye exams make use of dilation, which can cause patients to become sensitive to light and experience difficulty seeing hours after the test. With digital retinal scanning, dilation is not always necessary, which means you will feel less discomfort.  

Visit your local optometrist, Advanced Eyecare Consultants regularly to keep track of your eye health and vision. Give us a call at 847-438-7700 (Lake Zurich) or 772-878-3437 (Libertyville). You can also fill out our forms to schedule an appointment. We cater to patients in Gurnee and Vernon Hills, IL, and nearby communities.

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