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Welcome to our online Practice! Our eye doctor and eye care staff are here to care for all of your vision needs. We handle everything from adult and children’s eye exams and hard-to-fit contact lenses to eye emergencies, treatment of eye diseases, and co-management of eye surgery such as LASIK.



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Dr. Robert Levine

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Dr. Robert Levine

Dr. Robert Levine graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in 1986. He started practicing in Libertyville in 1987 and added his second office location in Lake Zurich in 2001.

He specializes in fitting contact lenses for many different eye conditions including difficult cases like Keratoconus, Dry Eye Syndrome, Multifocal/Bifocal, Astigmatism, and post-surgical LASIK and PRK patients.

​​​​​​​He also is one of the only doctors in the Libertyville and Lake Zurich areas with certification to work with Scleral and large-diameter lenses including the new multifocal scleral lenses.

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Early Myopia intervention can help your child now and reduce their eye health risk

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