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what should you consider when choosing eyeglass frames

eyeglass frames

Your eyes draw people’s attention to your face. That said, if you are nearsighted or farsighted, and you need to wear a pair of eyeglasses, it is imperative you choose the right frame that will help enhance your face. At Advanced Eyecare Consultants, we understand how hard it is to do so given the various choices that we have. Good thing our trusted optometrist suggests considering the following factors when making your selection to help you narrow down your options.

Face Shape

Different frames help enhance the shape of your face. The key to finding the right pair is proportion or how the frames contrast your prominent features. For instance, rectangular frames help make round faces look longer. Square faces, meanwhile, can benefit from round or oval frames to help soften their most notable attribute: the strong jawline. The same frames also work with heart-shaped faces, which are known for their wider foreheads.

Skin Tone

Your eye doctor may recommend the right eyeglass frames based on your skin tone. It should complement well with the color of your skin. For example, having a cool complexion warrants frames with jewel tones. Otherwise, frames with earth tones may be prescribed to you.

The Color of Your Eyes

Aside from skin tone, the color of your eyes must also factor into your frame selection. It should be the same color as your eyes to highlight them and create a first impression that lasts.

Personality and Lifestyle

Your choice of eyeglasses frames should reflect your personality. Rimless frames exude an elegance that fits well on people with a reserved character. If you are an outgoing kind of person, your eye doctor recommends frames with bold colors and additions.

Advanced Eyecare Consultants offer an extensive selection of eyewear, including the latest styles in designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses. Give us a call at (847) 550-3524 (Lake Zurich) or (847) 979-4601 (Libertyville) to get started with choosing the most suitable eyeglass frame. Our service areas also include Vernon Hills and Gurnee, IL.

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