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what happens during a comprehensive medical eye exam

Medical Eye Exam

Unlike a routine vision exam, a comprehensive medical eye exam looks into the overall health of your eyes. It usually takes around an hour and a half to complete.

In today’s post, your local optometrist, Advanced Eyecare Consultants, discusses what you should expect during a medical eye exam.

Medical Eye Exam

At the beginning of the test, an ophthalmic assistant or technician will ask you if you have a medical or family history of any disease and if you’re experiencing any symptoms. Your eye blood pressure, muscle function and dryness will be checked. Refractometry will then be done to learn your prescription. If you have an existing medical condition or at risk for one, your doctor may require you to take more tests. This initial process can take around 20 to 45 minutes.

You will then proceed to select a frame if you need to wear glasses before dilation. The dilating drops can take around 15 minutes to take effect. Your eye doctor will review your test results at the final part of the exam and check if your prescription is correct. The surface of your eye will be examined followed by the retina. This is to detect cataracts and retinal problems.

Routine Vision Exam vs. Medical Eye Exam

A comprehensive eye exam is more similar to a medical doctor visit than a vision test. The technician acts like a nurse who gets all the necessary information before seeing your doctor. Though it involves some of the tests in a routine vision exam, it is more complex and covers all areas of your eyes. If it was discovered that you have a medical problem during your routine eye exam, you will have to return for a medical exam.

Visit your local eye doctor, Advanced Eyecare Consultants, for a comprehensive eye exam. We also offer orthokeratology, scleral lenses and LASIK surgery. Call us at (847) 550-3524, or schedule an appointment online. We cater to patients in Gurnee and Vernon Hills, IL.

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