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tips on protecting your eyes during winter

eye goggles

Winter can be a very harsh season for your health, but most people are focused on keeping warm, and they tend to forget that the eyes also need to be protected. This is why the most trusted optometrist in the area is here to share a few tips on keeping your eyes safe during the cold months.

Wear Your Goggles

Goggles may seem like something reserved for skiers, but they’re actually useful for general outdoor use. The goggles act as a barrier, keeping the freezing winter air or airborne snow particles from drying your eyes and causing irritation. Some goggles may also have lenses that provide protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Sunglasses Work, Too

If goggles are not available, you can put on a pair of sunglasses as an alternative. While they offer less protection against wind, they can still block out a lot of harmful UV rays. Contrary to popular belief, you should still consider wearing sunglasses even during cloudy winter days as UV rays are capable of passing through clouds and reflecting off the snow.

Turn Up the Humidifier

Winter’s cold temperatures tend to reduce the humidity because the water molecules freeze and become snow. This is why dry eyes are a common problem during the season. If you’re indoors, you can alleviate this problem by keeping a humidifier running.

Use Eye Drops When Outdoors

You can’t depend on a humidifier to keep your eyes from drying out when you’re walking outdoors. This is why we recommend bringing a small bottle of eye drops. Regular saline drops work well, but you may want to consult an eye doctor to see if eye drops with guar gum will work better if you find yourself dealing with severe dry eye flare-ups.

Take good care of your eyes with help from our team of experts. Advanced Eye Care Consultants is the leading eye care company in Barrington, IL. You can call us at (847) 485-1658 or click the “Request An Appointment” button found here to schedule a consultation.

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