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Glaucoma pertains to a group of diseases that harm the optic nerve of the eyes. When not treated, it can result in vision loss and blindness. While there is a known cure yet for the eye condition, early detection can help with preserving one’s vision and preventing vision loss.

Know Your Risk of Glaucoma

Certain individuals are at higher risk of developing glaucoma, such as African Americans who are over 40, people who are over 60, those with a family history of glaucoma and people with diabetes. Diabetics are twice likely to get glaucoma than those without diabetes.  

Get Regular Eye Exams

Glaucoma does not usually manifest signs in its early stages and can only be diagnosed through regular eye exams. Regular visits with an eye doctor can help with the early detection and treatment of the condition, especially to those who are at higher risk. Eye specialists can prescribe eye drops that can stop the progression of glaucoma. Moreover, your eye doctor will recommend how frequently you need to go back for follow-up checks. No matter if you are at risk of glaucoma or not, you should get a comprehensive dilated eye exam if you are over 40. 

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Keeping a healthy weight and controlling your blood pressure can help in avoiding vision loss from glaucoma. Good lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking and staying active, will also help. A healthy diet and lifestyle can aid in the prevention of type 2 diabetes as well and other chronic diseases. 

Visit your local optometrist, Advanced Eyecare Consultants, for regular eye exams. We can tell you more about glaucoma and its management. Give us a call at 847-438-7700 (Lake Zurich) or 772-878-3437 (Libertyville). You can also fill out our forms to schedule an appointment. We cater to patients in Barrington, IL, and nearby communities.

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