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important tips for taking care of your child’s eye health and vision

pediatric eye care

Taking care of your child’s eye health and vision are crucial for their early development. After all, vision plays an important role throughout their formative years. Without the benefit of good eyesight, it would be hard for your child to see and learn in school. This article shares tips from your local eye doctor on how you can keep your child’s eyesight in tiptop shape.

Getting Eye Exams

Scheduling an appointment with your eye care specialist for your child’s eye exam is helpful in detecting potential problems that might interfere with his or her learning and development. The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends children get their first exam as early as six months. Subsequent exams are required once they’ve reached the age of three and another when they start school.

Developing Good Eyesight Through Play

Visual stimulation via toys helps a lot in establishing the skills necessary for their vision development. When playing with your baby, be sure that the toys are within focus at about 8 to 12 inches away from his or her eyes. To enhance hand-eye coordination, encourage him or her to crawl. Also, be sure that your baby follows moving objects. You can even talk to him or her while you move around so that he or she can follow you.

Dealing With Too Much Screen Time

Too much screen time or the use of digital displays on computers, tablets and smartphones can increase the risk of circadian rhythm disruptions as well as eye strain and other related symptoms for your child. When using these devices, have your child wear special eyeglasses with lenses that reduce or block the amount of blue light that enters his or her eyes.

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