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hyperopia in children and treatment options


In this post, your local eye care provider, Advanced Eyecare Consultants, discusses how hyperopia can affect children and how it can be corrected.

What Is Hyperopia?

Hyperopia occurs when the eye doesn’t properly bend or refract light through the lens and cornea. These parts of the eye work together to reflect clear and sharp images directly to the retina. If a person has hyperopia, the images are focused at the back of the retina.

You can have hyperopia if your eyeball is too short or has a very little curve. It can cause squinting, eyestrain, headaches and crossed eyes. Comprehensive eye exams can detect the condition.

Treatment and Care for Your Child

At times, mild hyperopia in children doesn’t require treatment as the eye can naturally adapt. However, your eye doctor may recommend using eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct the vision.

If your child has been prescribed eyeglasses, make sure that they’re always worn. Good lighting can help when they are studying or reading. Give them books with larger print, and increase the text size on their computer or tablet.

Taking a break from activities that require close eye work is important. Have your child rest, and ask them to blink to avoid eye fatigue and dry eye. Place the TV or computer where the light won’t reflect on the screen to prevent glare. There are also non-glare screens, which may be more comfortable for them to use.

Talk to an Eye Specialist

Consult with an optometrist if you’re noticing your child is having trouble with their vision. At Advanced Eyecare Consultants, we are your local provider of eye care services in adults and children. Call us at (847) 994-4963, or complete our online form to schedule an appointment. We assist patients in Barrington, IL.

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