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how to prevent eye injury when doing home repairs or projects

Believe it or not, eye injuries are common occurrences in homes. The risk of eye injury usually goes up when you’re doing home improvement projects or repairs, or even regular house chores.

To avoid an emergency trip to your eye doctor, you should follow these tips on keeping your eye safe during home repairs or projects.

When Inside Your Home

Various tasks you do at home can pose hazards to your eyes. For instance, when cooking food, there’s a chance that hot grease or oil may splatter. Using hot objects like curling irons around your face has its dangers, too. That is why it’s very important to handle different tools and objects with care.

Additionally, make sure that hazardous products and chemicals won’t come into contact with your eyes. For example, when using bleach or other cleaning products, wear gloves, and keep your face at a reasonable distance.

When Working in Your Yard

Mowing your lawn or using a power trimmer can also result in eye injury. Before using such equipment, check your yard or outside area for debris that may turn into a projectile. If your home was recently remodeled, watch out for nails and other construction debris that your contractor missed cleaning up.

When in Your Garage or Workshop

If you’ll be working with power tools in your garage or workshop, any optometrist would recommend you use protective eyewear. You should take this precaution even more seriously if your project involves dust particles, small fragments and other eye irritants.

Apart from ensuring the safety of your own safety, you should also consider bystanders who face similar hazards. Have them wear eye protection as well, or ask them to leave the work area while you’re doing the task.

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