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how can a concussion affect your vision



PTVS can disrupt the integration of your proprioceptive (information from muscles and joints), vestibular and visual information. This can then cause dizziness or vertigo, and alter your perception of physical space.

Light Sensitivity

Also called photophobia, light sensitivity is often a residual effect of a concussion. It’s usually made worse by exposure to particular light sources, such as bright sunlight, fluorescent lighting and computer or smartphone screens.

Blurred or Double Vision

This is a common complaint after a concussion, and it is usually the result of damage to the muscles or nerves around the eye. In some cases, blurry or double vision may also indicate a more serious neurological disorder and can result in other physiological or cognitive problems like poor balance and difficulty reading.

Eye Pain

Patients usually describe this as a stabbing pain or a dull ache in or around the eyes. Sometimes, it may also come with redness, itchiness or burning. Eye pain after a concussion typically occurs due to accommodation spasm, wherein one of the muscles around the eye contracts and remains in that state for an extended period. Make sure to visit your eye doctor when you experience this.

Vision Loss

Vision loss can be partial or complete, and it may take various forms depending on certain factors. For some patients, they experience blind spots in their periphery. Meanwhile, others have reduced vision in one half of their visual field. Moreover, some cases of vision loss are due to direct injury to the eye while others are neurological in origin.

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