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everything about glaucoma part 2: our suggested treatment

prevent glaucoma

Read on as your reliable eye doctor discusses our recommended glaucoma detection and management.

Detecting Glaucoma

Glaucoma doesn’t usually show any symptoms until it has already caused some visual changes. This is why it’s popularly known as “the silent thief of sight.” Undergoing a comprehensive eye examination is a reliable way to detect this condition. Our screening process may include a tonometry test that measures your intraocular pressure (IOP).

This procedure involves releasing a small puff of air into your eyes. Your optometrist will then measure any indentation on your cornea to determine how well it resisted the air pressure. If the results reveal a value above 12-22 mmHg, this may be a sign of glaucoma.

​​​​​​​Managing Glaucoma

Keep in mind that glaucoma often causes permanent optical damage that may lead to irreversible vision loss. This is why it’s important to manage this condition as soon as possible. We may prescribe IOP-lowering eye drops to promote better fluid outflow or reduce eye fluid production.

Your eye doctor may also include corrective surgeries in your treatment plan. Open-angle glaucoma, for example, may be managed by performing trabeculoplasty. The goal of this laser-assisted procedure is to make the drainage channel more efficient in emptying your eye fluids. For those with narrow-angle glaucoma, on the other hand, we may initiate an iridotomy that involves creating a hole in your iris to allow more eye fluids to escape.

For more information about our suggested glaucoma management, call us at (847) 550-3524 for Lake Zurich or (847) 979-4601 for Libertyville. We serve Gurnee, Vernon Hills and nearby Illinois areas. Feel free to check out the first section of this two-part blog to learn about the likely cause and types of glaucoma.

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