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diabetes and its effect on eyesight

diabetes affect on eyesight

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that affects 26 million Americans, with 1 in every 4 adults age 60 years or older suffering from it. It is often associated with blindness. One of the complications of the ailment is the weakening of the blood vessels in the body, including those around the eyes.

Blurred Vision

This symptom does not always require you to purchase new spectacles. It is possible that your blood sugar exceeded normal levels, causing your eyes’ lenses to swell and cause your vision to be blurry. Eating a recommended diet and exercising can help lower your blood sugar and get it back to normal. In any case, schedule a visit to your eye doctor to learn if it is a sign of a serious problem.


The connection between this eye disease and diabetes remains to be seen. Even so, statistics have shown that a significant percentage of diabetics also have glaucoma. They are, in fact, twice more likely to have it as non-diabetics. The increased interior pressure in the eye can affect the optic nerve, especially if new blood vessels grow on the iris and restricts the flow of fluid in the inner eye. This can lead to vision loss if left untreated, so be sure to visit your eye doctor for your annual exam.

Retinal Damage

Damage to the retina is likely to cause vision impairment or loss as diabetics continue to suffer from this metabolic disease. It comes in different forms, all depending on how patients are able to manage their blood sugar through lifestyle changes. The worst form of retinopathy, a proliferative one, occurs when new blood vessels grow around the retina, but they leak and bleed. Scar tissue forms, further detaching the retina from the underlying tissue. This results in permanent vision loss.

Schedule an optometrist consultation at Advanced Eyecare Consultants today to save your vision. Call (847) 550-3542 if you are in Lake Zurich or (847) 979-4601 if you are in Libertyville. With an eye exam, we can detect potential problems in your eyesight early. We also serve residents in Vernon Hills and Gurnee, IL.

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