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5 Reasons Keratoconus Patients Should Use Scleral Lenses

Patients diagnosed with keratoconus know that generic soft contact lenses may not be the best option. The irregular cornea shape caused by the condition makes it difficult to get an optimal fit with traditional contact lenses. However, scleral lenses act as a better solution as they are large and have a shape that allows for a proper fit.

They Are More Comfortable

Most keratoconus patients report higher comfort levels when using scleral lenses. Your doctor makes a unique, custom fit for each patient based on the size and shape of their eyes. Keratoconus occurs when the cornea becomes thin and starts to bulge outwards gradually.

The bulging ends up forming a cone shape, making it difficult for most patients to wear traditional lenses. Most of the regular disposable contacts come in standard sizes. As a result, the diameter and base curve is not an optimum fit for keratoconus patients. 

They Last Longer 

Scleral lenses comprise high-quality and durable materials. They are also very cost-effective for keratoconus patients. They may be more expensive upfront than disposable contacts, but they are long-lasting. Keratoconus can affect your vision.

You may get irregular astigmatism when the smooth surface of your eye becomes wavy as it bulges outwards. You may also become nearsighted as the front part of your eyes expand. So to correct your vision, you need durable lenses. Scleral lenses give you service for a long time without replacing them often.

They Give a Clearer Vision

Keratoconus can cause many vision changes. You may experience:

  • Blurry vision.

  • Double vision when using one eye.

  • Seeing triple ghost images.

  • Seeing objects that are near and far as blurry.

  • Seeing halos around bright lights.

  • Light streaks.

Scleral lenses help keratoconus patients get a better, consistent, and stable vision. They center on the eyes better than any other lens. Do not worry about scleral lenses popping out of your eyes even when you become active in sports or other engaging activities.

They Protect the Eyes

Scleral lenses protect the eyes from foreign objects that can cause a damaging impact. The lenses dome over your corneas and provide a reservoir for fluid. As a result, they help restore and protect the ocular surface.

The lenses are safe for use by patients of different ages. Young patients can use the lenses if they maintain high hygiene standards to avoid getting eye infections. If you are confident about cleaning, removing, and handling scleral lenses properly, you can get a pair for your keratoconus. 

They Help Relieve Dry Eyes

Most patients with keratoconus experience tear instability and symptoms of dry eyes. They tend to demonstrate a significantly low secretion of tears. Dry eyes arise because of the inability to produce enough tears to lubricate the surface of your eyes. You may also have dry eyes because your eyes secrete low-quality tears.

Scleral lenses can help your dry eyes by vaulting over your eyes and creating a reservoir for tears and saline. As a result, your eyes remain lubricated. The constant moisture and lubrication help reduce the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

For more about scleral lenses, visit Advanced Eyecare Consultants at our office in Libertyville or Lake Zurich, Illinois. You can also call 847-994-4500 or 847-438-7700 to book an appointment today.

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